12 MORE Signs You Work in the TV & Film Industry

Posted on: Mar 13, 2019

An excited filmmaker shooting a movie outside with a fancy camera.Photo Credit: Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

By Staff Me Up

Last year we brought you the tell-tale 13 Signs That You Work in the TV & Film Industry. Our vociferous bunch of Facebook Commenters, however, pointed out that we totally missed a plethora of other signs, so thanks to them, we are now proud to bring you: 12 MORE UNMISTAKEABLE SIGNS that you are a part of this totally unpredictable, painfully lovely and wonderfully stressful world known as… Production.



1) You cringe when you see someone recording a video with their phone held vertically

gif of a man being slapped for holding phone verticly

… and you just can’t anymore.

2) You know that anything can be fixed with gaff tape

giant roll of tape on truck bed

… and if the gaff-window breaks, fix it with… more gaff tape.

3) You get more W-2s than paychecks

meme of charlie and the chocolate factory. charlie gets his gold ticket. text reads

4) Even though you don’t work for the government you’re not allowed to talk about your work

black and white photo of a girl in a bikini on a beach with a ray gun and space helmet. smiling.

… but chances are that both you and the CIA are working on something titled “Alien Bikini Project”.

5) When you’re about to meet up with your friends you say you’re “flying in”

… and it’s not because you think you’re Maverick.

6) You can complete any task while holding a cup of coffee

… or this.

7) Nothing makes you giddier than hearing someone say “martini shot”

… it means you’re that much closer to getting shots that do start with “T” or “V” and have nothing to do with T.V.

8) You know what a 10-2 is

John Travlota in Pulp Fiction on the toilet

… and you respect the 10-2.

9) You have mastered the art of eating pizza over a garbage can

garbage pizza oven

… which is a skill that comes in handy even on your days off.

10) You get home and realize you have the keys to the camera truck in your pocket

donald glover realizing he forgot something gif

11) Your evening wear consists of your best show swag

three runway models wearing outfits made out of spongebob's image

(That shirt might be free but those shoes cost $200.)

12) You actually sit through the credits of TV shows and movies

end credits

… only to find out they didn’t credit you.



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