How Does Rank Work on Staff Me Up?

Posted on: Sep 28, 2023

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By Steffanie Bradley

As a job seeker on Staff Me Up, your profile’s rank hinges on a delicate interplay between the credits adorning your portfolio and the web of connections you’ve woven within the platform’s community. The ranking mechanism bears dual significance, orchestrating the placement of profiles on both the job poster and applicant fronts. On the job poster side, profiles are sequenced in correspondence with the order of applicants, ensuring a streamlined evaluation process. On the applicant side, a dynamic percentage system takes center stage, affording a quantitative measure of an applicant’s compatibility with a given role.

Diving deeper into ranking, a pivotal facet is the potential for applicants to enhance their visibility through a featured application—a strategic move that appends a distinctive visual marker to their application, signifying their proactive engagement. At its core, the concept of rank furnishes a metric by which your profile is benchmarked against fellow applicants, essentially shaping the trajectory of your engagement on the platform. 

What is Rank on Staff Me Up?

The inquiry of why one might not be basking in a higher ranking often finds its answer in the nuance of project dissection. Disentangling the projects you’ve been part of becomes imperative, as the emphasis rests not on the sheer volume of credits amassed, but rather the caliber of individual credits. Here, quality unquestionably surpasses quantity, as it not only bolsters your professional repertoire, but also nurtures the expansion of your network—an invaluable conduit to forging meaningful connections.

Equipping oneself for an upward trajectory in the ranking ladder necessitates a strategic embrace of comprehensive information dissemination. Factors such as the number of seasons you’ve contributed to, the identity of the production company and the temporal span of the production all come into play, painting a vivid canvas of your professional journey. In the grand tapestry of Staff Me Up’s ranking system, your profile’s allure is sculpted not merely by its credits, but by the stories they encapsulate and the relationships they foster, collectively culminating in a symphony of career growth and community engagement.

Why can’t I see how I rank?

What it says: You will rank in the top ??% out of ?? applicants

What it means: You’re on your free trial! 

What you can do: Upgrade today to view your rank and promote your applications! 

How do I know where I rank among other applicants?

What it says: You will rank in the top #% out of # applicants

What it means: This is where you land on the list of applicants!

What you can do: If you really want the position and you’re ranking lower than you’d like to, this is the perfect opportunity to promote your application. 

How can I use ranking to boost my profile?

What it says: Your rank is boosted by the credits on your Profile: your [Position] experience; and your experience in the same department.

What it means: Your rank is fueled by your credits. You’ll need to have credits listed on your profile that are either in this position or in the department to increase your rank. The resumes in your resume library don’t count towards your rank. 

How can I rank higher?

To help you rank higher on Staff Me Up, add your industry-related credits to your profile. You can add lots of details, but the most important thing is to add them (more on why these details matter below).

Who is the production company?

What it says: You have not yet worked for the company that posted this job.

What it means: Even if the production company is hidden, Staff Me Up does require the production company’s name when approving listings. While you may not be able to see the production company, our data lets us know if you have worked for the production company in the past. 

Note that the production company and the network are different. We do not rank your application based on network matches. 

What you can do: Add your credits to your profile! Rank is not measured by “how” many credits you have, but it is best to break apart your credits into individual projects. For example, if you’re a staff editor at a production company you should not have one credit for “various”, but you should have one credit for each show/commercial/project you worked on. 

Do I have mutual connections at a job posting?

What it says: You do not have any mutual connections to this job poster.

What it means: You and the Job Poster do not share any connections on Staff Me Up. 

What you can do: Add your credits to your profile! Add as much detail as you can so that you can connect with as many people from the production as you can. As mentioned above, this is why it is important to break apart your “various” credits, since you will have different clients on different projects which present you with new networking opportunities. 

You can also connect your Facebook and Google accounts to increase your connections on the site. 

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