How I Use Staff Me Up for More than Job Searches

Posted on: Apr 28, 2023

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By Michael Roberts

When asked to write a blog about how I use Staff Me Up as a docu-reality editor, the answer was simple: I use it to get hired on production jobs.

Or at least it seemed simple. I gave it some thought and realized that I use Staff Me Up in a myriad of ways that help me continue to operate my (very) small business of one. If I used Staff Me Up just to land TV and film gigs, it would be invaluable; but it goes far beyond that.

Here are four ways I use Staff Me Up beyond job searches:

1. Keeping a detailed track of my work experience

You might be saying, “That’s what a resume is for,” but if you haven’t read my ‘Why Didn’t I Get That Gig’ article, you may be doing resumes all wrong. If I listed every gig I’ve ever had with exact dates, the production company, the operating system and gear I used, whether it was staff or freelance, etc., on my resume, that would create a resume so long I wouldn’t be able to fit in my phone number, let alone my special interests section (I will not deprive everyone the knowledge of my love for baking pies).

Although this information is valuable when needed (we’ll get to that later), it would be way too much when sending a resume. Once you get a good amount of credits, your resume should be pared down so it’s easy to read and efficiently shows why you’re right for the job. You don’t need every gig you’ve ever worked, let alone the exact dates you worked them. Staff Me Up’s software makes inputting all of this info as easy as, well, baking pies. And I love baking pies.

2. Financial planning

As I mentioned earlier, I am the owner and sole employee of a small business (I’m a freelance editor). When you work freelance, it is typically beneficial to incorporate for tax reasons, but this can create other kinds of work. When I have more than a handful of gigs in a year, it can get confusing once tax season comes around and I’m trying to add up my income in one place with the exact dates so I know how many W2s I should be expecting. This is where the info I add to the credits on my Staff Me Up profile comes in handy.

Additionally, looking back at the number of gigs I worked this year compared to previous years is a great way to forecast how many gigs I might work next year. This can be valuable when budgeting, planning vacations or deciding if I can afford that double oven I’ve been eying. You know, for baking multiple pies at once.

3. Networking

One of the best features of Staff Me Up is the way it connects you to people you have worked with on previous gigs. When I input a job I’ve just completed, Staff Me Up automatically adds other people who worked on that production to my network. One particularly valuable tool is that I get updates about what jobs they have moved on to in my news feed. If they have landed a gig that sounds interesting, it’s very easy to reach out and see if that production is looking for any bakers… sorry, I mean editors.

Read some tips on how to network effectively.

4. Resume storage

Not only does Staff Me Up’s profile work as a comprehensive list of my experience, I can upload my own genre-specific resumes and store them on the Staff Me Up server. I have numerous resumes and cover letters uploaded, each with minor or major differences, ready to be sent to different types of job postings. One resume may highlight docu-soap gigs and another might focus on competition series.

I choose to use Staff Me Up’s software because it is designed to house these types of documents, as opposed to a catchall cloud storage where you have to create the organizational system yourself.

Furthermore, when a job listing comes up for a type of production that I don’t have featured on my normal resumes, I’m able to use the exhaustive list of credits on my profile to add anything that might be relevant.

I initially thought Staff Me Up was just a place to find gigs, but it turns out to be an invaluable tool in running my freelance business. Now, I just need to figure out what features will help me in baking pies.

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Michael Roberts is a docu-reality editor. He recently worked on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and served as the supervising editor of HGTV’s “Battle on the Beach.”

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