5 Film Industry Podcasts We Can’t Wait for You to Hear

Posted on: Apr 28, 2023

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By Staff Me Up

Podcasts are everywhere, and that includes the film production industry. Whether you’re a screenwriter, director, producer, stunt person or even crafty, you can bet that there’s a podcast subgenre dedicated to your specific field. We scoured the podcast world for production pods and found quite a few with great insights, and even greater stories. Here are five of our favorites that you needed to listen to yesterday:

1. Filmspotting

Filmspotting is perfect for anyone who loves overanalyzing films, from the nuances in an actor’s performance to crazy theories about what exactly was in that briefcase. Hosts Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen review current and classic movies while going in-depth on details, providing something for everyone.

2. Scriptnotes

Whether you’re a working screenwriter or aspiring to be, screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin offer helpful discussions about screenwriting and the film industry as a whole. The show’s hosts also discuss current trends and issues that screenwriters face, and provide great takes from an insider’s point of view.

3. Call Sheet

A podcast for crew, by crew, Call Sheet is hosted by line producers Bryce Cyrier and Kiku Terasaki, and is dedicated to celebrating below-the-line crew across all departments. Guests from every department provide first-hand accounts of what their work entails, spanning from film, TV, documentaries, commercials and more. Every episode of Call Sheet bakes in valuable information that you can use on your current and future productions. A must-listen for anyone who works in the wild world of production.

4. No Film School

Regardless of where you are in your filmmaking career, No Film School has a wealth of knowledge to be gained from its archive. Tune in for behind-the-scenes insights on certain films and filming techniques, or check out episodes geared toward niche areas of the industry, such as directing, producing, editing or screenwriting, to help you build your career.

5. The A24 Podcast

Boasting of no hosts, no ads and no rules, The A24 Podcast is a powerhouse of a pod. The studio behind Everything Everywhere All at Once, Midsommar, Uncut Gems, HBO’s Euphoria, and others connects with the filmmakers they work with to discover the influences for their art, and the creativity behind it. Each episode is full of mind-blowing stories that will make listeners want to re-watch everything A24 has made with a new perspective.

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