How to Avoid Production Job Scams in the Entertainment Industry

Posted on: Apr 04, 2024

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By Steffanie Bradley

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, with new job opportunities arising every day. However, with the prevalence of online job boards, social media posts, and niche-specific groups online, job seekers are sometimes vulnerable to scams, particularly when jobs are more scarce than usual. Production job scams can seem enticing, preying on job seekers’ hopes by promising exciting opportunities with famous production companies and high-profile individuals. 

To help you navigate the perils of false job postings, we have prepared a guide with tips to keep you aware and safe as you continue your job search.

Do Your Research

One of the first steps in avoiding production job scams is researching the company and the position. Scammers often use the names of legitimate production companies to lure unsuspecting job seekers. Take the time to research the company through its official website and social media handles. Reach out to the company to confirm the availability and legitimacy of the job posting, the person who posted the job, and any other relevant information to confirm the validity of the job.

Beware of Unrealistic Opportunities

Another red flag for production job scams is unrealistic job postings. Be wary of job postings that offer high wages with minimal experience requirements. Always ensure the job posting matches the type of job available, especially where the job description is vague or non-existent. When looking at jobs that fall within their respective unions, confirm guild rates match the posting. Never take on a job that promises experience in exchange for free work, production travel, and things of that nature.

Check for Fees

Not all job postings that ask for fees are scams, but it’s essential to understand the context behind any payment request. Verified job boards such as Staff Me Up vet production companies and job listings before they’re posted to the public. That is part of the benefit behind the membership fee. Jobs you may find ad hoc, such as on Facebook, Reddit, Craigslist, Discord, etc, that are charging to apply or interview, are highly suspicious and should be looked at with extreme caution.

Verify Contact Information

Production job scams often use fake job titles and false contact information as a part of the job posting. Take the time to verify the credibility of the contact information in the job posting and look for non-functioning emails or suspicious phone numbers. It’s especially helpful if you’re able to validate the person in the position and the company via Linkedin, the company website, and social media. Or in some instances, actual credits on IMDB.

Applying With Confidence

Job seeking in the entertainment industry can be daunting and knowing when to be wary of scams can give seekers a lack of confidence. By keeping a close eye on job postings and doing your due diligence through research, you can avoid falling victim to production job scams. Always be wary of non-existing, too-good-to-be-true and vague job postings and vet all job posting opportunities thoroughly. Remember, if a job posting seems too good to be true, it probably is. Verified sites like Staff Me Up are a safe bet, as we will do the vetting for you before the job posting goes live.

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