How to Supplement Your Income in Times of Uncertainty Through Freelance and Temporary Corporate Jobs

Posted on: Jun 18, 2024

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By Andrea Tucker

Imagine you’ve worked tirelessly to get a foot in the door, and then—it happens. You land what you believe is your big break. As you start establishing yourself in the entertainment industry, the endless networking and hard work begin to pay off. You’re making more connections and getting more gigs.

Years, maybe even decades pass. Gigs become more consistent and you find yourself in a stable place. You can pay your bills comfortably and perhaps you’ve even won some awards for your incredible work.

Change is inevitable in any industry and entertainment is no exception. The nature of the business has led to uncertainty, strikes and many pivots. When these periods happen, there are ways to supplement income in the interim without having to leave the industry. For those who prefer short-term gigs at their leisure, freelancing is a great option. If you’re looking for a little more long-term and stability with income, contract, temp and perm corporate jobs are a great option.


Many use this time to explore new avenues within and outside the industry, discovering hidden talents and passions along the way. Here’s a few ways you can incorporate freelance into your career.

Leverage Freelance Platforms

  • Upwork: A popular platform for finding freelance gigs in various creative fields, including video production, graphic design and writing.
  • Fiverr: Ideal for offering specific services like video editing, voiceover work and other short-term projects.
  • Staff Me Up: A dedicated platform for freelancers in the entertainment industry, offering job listings for actors, filmmakers and crew members.

Create a Strong Online Presence

  • Personal Website: Showcase your portfolio, resume and contact information. Platforms like Wix, Squarespace and WordPress make it easy to create professional websites. Throw this on your Staff Me Up profile, your social media and more to increase your exposure. You never know who may come across your site organically and reach out.
  • Social Media: Use platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to share your work, connect with peers and stay informed about industry news. Many creatives will utilize TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels to post clips of their work or experiment with commercials and short films.

Consider Remote Opportunities

  • Virtual Production: Explore roles in virtual production and post-production, which have become more prominent with advancements in technology.
  • Remote Collaboration Tools: Familiarize yourself with tools like Zoom, Slack and Trello to effectively collaborate with teams from anywhere in the world to optimize your skills and ability to secure more remote production opportunities.

Stay Informed and Inspired

  • Industry Publications: Subscribe to magazines and websites like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire to stay updated with industry news and trends. Some sites often hire for freelance contributors, script coverage and more such as CoverFly, The Script Lab and us here at Staff Me Up.
  • Podcasts and Blogs: Listen to industry podcasts and read blogs to gain insights and inspiration from successful professionals. Many podcasts are open to guests with industry experience which can help increase your presence, network and credibility.

Corporate Jobs (Temp, Contract)

For those considering a temporary gig, there are many opportunities in a variety of corporate industries. Your skills in production are highly transferable and many have found fulfilling roles that still align with their creative passions.

These positions can provide a sense of stability and a chance to develop new competencies, all while maintaining a connection to the industry. Many larger companies such at Netflix frequently post for temp and contract roles, both on-site and remote. These offer a great way to supplement income while staying within the industry.

Think about the flexibility you have. Whether it’s taking a break to recharge, exploring a different field out of curiosity, or finding opportunities that offer a better work-life balance, each choice adds to your rich tapestry of experiences.

The entertainment industry is always evolving and so can you. Taking a break or shifting gears isn’t a setback; it’s a step towards personal growth and professional development. Your experiences, both within and outside the industry, contribute to your unique voice and vision. Remember, your self-fulfillment, happiness and joy in what you do truly matter.

Embrace the journey and trust that every experience adds value to your life and career.

Andrea Tucker is a writer/producer in sports and entertainment.

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