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Posted on: Aug 22, 2022

Illustration of various film production workers on set.

By Staff Me Up

Did you know that we have these job titles available in the Staff Me Up database?

A lot has changed in the entertainment industry since Staff Me Up opened its (virtual) doors. Who knew back then that we would have job titles like COVID-19 Compliance Officer or Intimacy Coordinator? Over the years, we’ve added new job titles to reflect both changes in the industry and the changing needs of our users.

For that reason, we wanted to let you know about some of the available job titles you can use when adding job credits to your profile or when searching for the perfect freelancer for your crew.

Hire Your Crew
  • Apprentice Editor
  • Archival Producer
  • Asset Finaler
  • Assistant
  • Audio Playback Operator
  • Booking Coordinator
  • Casting Associate
  • Character Designer
  • Closed Captioning
  • COVID-19 Compliance Assistant
  • COVID-19 Compliance Coordinator
  • COVID-19 Compliance Officer
  • COVID-19 Compliance Supervisor
  • Creative Director
  • Creator
  • Dailies Technician
  • Deliverables Manager
  • Design Producer
  • Digital Intermediate Administration
  • Digital Producer
  • Director of Casting
  • Director of Content
  • Director of Current Programming
  • Editorial Assistant
  • EVP of Development
  • EVP of Post-Production
  • EVP of Production
  • EVP of Programming
  • Field Coordinator
  • Flame Artist
  • Head of Current Programming
  • Head of Sound
  • Health & Safety Assistant
  • Health & Safety Supervisor
  • Interactive Media Producer
  • Intimacy Coordinator
  • IPC Assistant (Infection Prevention & Control)
  • IPC Supervisor (Infection Prevention & Control)
  • Makeup Assistant
  • Manager of Production
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Mocap Technician
  • Music Manager
  • Post Associate Producer
  • Post Engineer
  • Post Production Engineer
  • Production Specialist
  • Public Relations Coordinator (PR)
  • Replay Operator
  • Safety Officer
  • Scenic
  • Set Decoration Coordinator
  • Sound Engineer
  • Storyboard Director
  • Stunt Assistant
  • Technical Assistant
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Coordinator
  • Technical Manager
  • Technical Supervisor
  • Translation Coordinator
  • Translator
  • Travel Manager
  • Vault Manager
  • Vice President, Scripted Production Finance & Accounting
  • VP of Current Programming
  • VP of Post Production

As our industry continues to evolve, we’ll grow and change to keep pace.

Looking to crew your next project or get hired for your next production gig?  Find your next gig at Staff Me Up and get on set today!

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