The Most Important Tool On-Set is a Fanny Pack

Posted on: Mar 15, 2022

A production worker wearing a denim fanny pack with multiple pockets.Photo Credit: Marjan Sadeghi on Unsplash

By Staff Me Up

A staple of the ’80s and ’90s, the fanny pack has been making a comeback in recent years. That said, they’ve never fallen out of style within the production industry.

These nifty devices are designed to hold your stuff while keeping your hands free and your pockets light—so you can focus on your work with no concerns for your phone, wallet, keys, or whatever you’ve got in there.

Here are a few reasons why a fanny pack is the best thing that will ever happen to you:

There’s so much room for stuff!

Although they don’t always look like they can hold much, it cannot be overstated how much room a fanny pack actually allows for your items. When you’re on-set, you need your hands free at all times with as little distractions as possible. The fanny pack will store your stuff, and can help keep you from reaching for a phone. You can also store some things you need for work, such as small tools, cables, hot bricks, call sheets and the schedule.

You can do acrobatics​ and everything will stay in place.

Who knows what type of positions you’ll find yourself in on any given day? The beauty of a fanny pack is all you have to do is zip that bad boy up, and everything will stay in place. Need to run to the other side of the backlot or climb up some scaffolding to build that convenience store? No problem, your gum will be right where you left it.

It’s a great place to clip your walkie.

Keep your walkie on your person without needing to hold it in your hand. Just clip it to to the fanny pack waist strap. You won’t believe how much easier this makes a 10-2.

It’s also great place to hang your set badge.

As long as you grab your fanny pack out the door every day, you’ll remember your set badge. And you won’t have to worry about where you have to dangle it, as you can hang it on your pack and you won’t have to take it out of your wallet or pockets to prove you’re working on the production of the day. 

They are hard to lose.

A million things go on during a 12-hour set day, and your mind can’t keep track of everything. This includes your personal items and small tools and devices you might use throughout the day. A fanny pack will keep track of these things for you. At the end of the day, you can set down a backpack and forget where you left it, but your fanny pack will always be on your person, giving you one less thing—if not several—to worry about.

A great conversation piece, the fanny pack is an inexpensive tool you’ll never stop finding use for on-set‚and possibly during your personal life, too. It frees up your hands, keeps your items close by, and can store a bunch of items at a time. It’s a production worker’s secret weapon, and if you haven’t used one before, give it a try the next time you’re on-set. You’ll be glad you did.

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