Hiring Etiquette 101

Posted on: Dec 14, 2023

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By Steffanie Bradley

When it comes to staffing your production, it’s essential to understand the importance of hiring etiquette. By creating a respectful and professional hiring process, you can attract top-notch talent and build positive industry relationships.

Here are some key tips for film and TV production companies using Staff Me Up to hire their production crew:

Job Postings and Expectations

When creating a job posting on Staff Me Up, provide a comprehensive description of the role, including responsibilities, required skills and production details. Clear and concise postings help job seekers understand your needs and qualifications. Set defined expectations for the production’s duration, schedule and rates.

Transparency helps job seekers make informed decisions about their availability and interest in your job posting. In your communication with potential candidates, respond promptly to inquiries and applications. Respect their time by providing timely updates, even if they aren’t selected for the position.

Communication and Feedback

When reaching out to applicants or potential hires, personalize your messages. Address applicants by name and mention specific details from their profiles or applications to show that you’ve taken the time to consider their qualifications.

Conduct interviews in a professional manner, whether in person or virtually. Respect candidates’ time by being punctual, asking relevant questions and actively listening to their responses.

Be Honest and Follow Up

Don’t promise job opportunities or future collaborations that you cannot deliver. Be realistic about the number of positions available and the potential for future work. If there are changes to the project’s timeline, scope, or crew needs, communicate these changes promptly to candidates you have been in touch with.

This demonstrates your commitment to transparency. After making a hiring decision, send a courteous message to all applicants to inform them of your decision. Once you’ve done that, you can then close the job listing so it’s not available for people to continue to apply. 

After the Interview

Recognize that the film and television industry is a small community where word-of-mouth matters. Building positive relationships with job seekers, even those you don’t hire, can lead to future collaborations and recommendations. By adhering to these hiring etiquette principles, film and television production companies can create a more respectful and professional hiring environment on platforms like Staff Me Up.

This not only benefits your organization, but also contributes to the overall professionalism and reputation of the industry as a whole. Remember, in the world of entertainment, a positive impression can go a long way in fostering successful and long-lasting partnerships.

Write Your Thank You Note

Once you’re done with an interview, you can utilize Staff Me Up’s ‘Thank You Note’ feature. This feature only becomes available once you close a job. This removes the listing from the job board.

Applicants who have already submitted will remain in your VAA, but new applicants will be unable to submit. The Thank You Note feature will let applicants know you’ve selected someone else and thank them for their time. This helps applicants know they can continue submitting to other jobs. Be sure to let the person you’ve hired know they may still receive a thank-you note. 

Staff Me Up automatically generates a greeting to the user. Most commonly, job posters will let applicants know they will keep the résumé on file for future reference and thank them for their time. Once you click save on the draft you’ve approved, you can send the note out.

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